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international break


France 2- 0 Sweden

Yesterday was a year since the terrorist attacks in France. How quickly time has flown, and how depressing have World Events been since then

Pogba back to his tricks again

Greizmann supposedly had to make comments re: Benzema's absence I hear. Supposedly that as long as he's fit, Benzema can't fit into the team? Surely that's not his fault? Not to mention the small matter of Benzema's alleged involvements in bribing a teammate

Evra is evergreen, NGL

Payet playing out here for a January move

San Marino 0- 8 Germany

FFS, Serge Gnarby. Serving up the first hattrick for a German debutant for a while

Germany's new kit looks almost as same as the old kit so... why the change?

No, make it stop. We are seeing the pictures of a murder. That scoreline!


USA 1- 2 Mexico

Is it too early to start talking about this fabled wall Trump is going to build along the US-Mexico border?

Looking at the highlights the match atmosphere seemed pretty charged, and in light of Trump's win, I could understand

Mexico played inspiring football at turns, according to my twitter feed. Mexico grabbed the last goal and all three points in the dying seconds of the match

England 3- 0 Scotland

Yesterday was Armistice day. Colloquially called 'Poppy Day', it's observed by Britain and the Commonwealth. In schools and workplaces across the country, around 11:00 there's a minute's observance for the men that died in the Great War

Both the Scottish and English FA pretty much defied FIFA's orders to wear the poppy, with the match falling around Remembrance and all. The reason why football teams across the country honour the poppy is that a LOT of soldiers who went off to fight those wars were keen footballers from their local clubs. A lot of them died, or returned suffering from shell shock, or dreadfully maimed. Everton FC lost some talented players during those wars, iirc

The match itself wasn't great. The scoreline flatters to deceive, England played sloppily, and they would have been punished by a better side, but there were good individual performances. SMH at our back four.

Joe Hart and Jordan Henderson for two

However he left Man City, the loan to Torino has really been good for Joe Hart. He's more authoritative, and is doing the simple things well

Lallana earned himself an MOTM award. No shade from me

Scotland couldn't wear their navy and had to wear their jinxed pink shirt. Why? FiFA? Why?

Walker's assist to Sturridge was all sorts of nice, NGL

Two LFC players had a direct hand in two goals. I will credit Southgate for this one thing- he didn't play Harry Kane to 'test his resolve'. Anyway, moving on!

Northern Ireland 4-0 Azerbaijan

The design of this kit is the definition of 'this is tew much'. The stripes, the colours, the lines. Busy as a beehive, I think

Reading the match report, NI made light work of Azerbaijan

Brunt (right) came back to the side after a year due to injury, only to get his head busted open

Romania 0- 3 Poland

Lewandowsky got hit in the head with a firework. I... just... wow

The firecracker exploded close to his feet

At least he had a sense of humour about it? Don't let me like you, Lewandkowsky! Or at least, I might try and spell your name right

Argh, just arghhh. Good scoreline though

OP: done! Cheers, jeers and the rest of it you know the drill. As for me, my mascara and cleanser aren't getting along, so my eyelashes are glued together. T_T. Off to get some almond oil. More time
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