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news roundup



Simeone got manager of the year in La Liga 2015/16 . Well deserved!

Germany's new kit

Ronaldo's new contract

Wearing specs. I thought he'd have laser surgery or summat

La Liga best of 2015/16

England NT

Harry you really should have recused yourself from this. You're barely back from injury (I'm surprised that Pochettino didn't block it, tbh)

Hendo and the LFC boys are flying high

France NT

What in fresh hell is he wearing?

What kind of ...? The problem is, your eyes don't know where to look. The detail on the jeans (nice, I'd rock 'em), or the strange shearing jacket

This is... not getting better

I... like Greizmann's jeans. Wrong time of the year

Whew, this fashion show is over.

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback. You know the drill! Hey, a question, I'd like to buy a hoodie to live in for the winter. I'd like it to be relatively fashionable AND comfortable. Any recs?
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