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Shots fired



UEFA players of the year

Real Madrid at an Audi event

I don't know what they are wearing, but the clothes seem to follow a theme, so they might be advertising clothing as well

Navas always looks like an old troll. Great goalkeeper but...

Missed out the row with Gareth Bale. Y'all will live

Ewww, this wardrobe is not a good look

Varane looking GOODT" />

More Real Madrid sponsorship/ pressing the flesh

Go karting! My fave party activity!

Adidas' new upcycled kit, made from recycled plastic. I'm sure it's going to be expensive like the Nike ones

Made from ocean plastic

I'm posting this picture because I think Sane is cute. I am an island of one though

NT call ups

So far, only Germany has published a list

OP: done! Cheers, jeers and the rest of it you know the drill
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