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matches played on october 29, 2016

Premier League

Featured Matches
Arsenal 4- 1 Sunderland

For the first time in the League's history, three clubs tie for 1st place. Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool 23 points each, but the goal differences are something like +15, +13 and +11 respectively

Sunderland is terrible though. Moyes should just take the L and call it a day on his career, tbh. I can't see any football team wanting him to manage after this. He seems to have gotten progressively worse with each appointment

Tottenham Hotspur 1 -1 Leicester City

Poppy season is upon us. Last year, the clubs had special poppies made

The official's board broke. You know those posh Tag Heuer boards that the PL just signed a multimillion pound sponsorship deal at the start of this season? Yeah, about that and this match...

Tottenham didn't lose, but didn't win either. After being up a goal in the first half, Leicester came back in the first five minutes in the second half

Vardy still not firing. He made a good assist though, damn him

Janssen can take penalties, but still can't score a goal in open play. Spurs need a goal scorer and for now, Jansen isn't it

Manchester United 0- 0 Burnley

The match was... well. Mourinho has had better days at the office, so to speak. He's gotten a red card and so has Herrera! So here's some fireworks on the sideline

Tom Heaton making the case to be England's no 1. Watch out, Joe Hart! He played out of his skin yesterday!

All over the goal like white on rice

Crystal Palace 2- 4 Liverpool

Klopp said that this match was boring. Oooohkay, Klopp. When I'm thinking about slamming a shot down when LFC plays... this is not what I want to hear - and we won!

Crystal Palace came to play. The game was end to end action, tbh

Lots of hugs

Hendo and Klopp exchange greetings at the end of the match

Lovern gave away a goal, but credit to him, he worked like a beast and got back another one in quick time

What were the designers thinking about this kit? LFC got their first win in said kit, so I fear they'll wear this forever

Look at this peach sherbert mess of a kit. Loris is Karing it off. Shoot me.

West Brom 0- 4 Man City

Aguero doing what Aguero does

Both Agüero and Gündogan scored against West Brom. Man City at the top of the table - but really, does anyone here care about Man City?

Like, I can't bring myself to care. Good money, great manager, decent players but... *yawn*. I guess

La Liga

Featured Matches
Alaves 1- 4 Real Madrid

Ronaldo supposedly had a mixed game yesterday? I don't know

Sorry if my notes are pretty sporadic. I cut my finger the other day, and it's really hard touch typing when your ring finger keeps bleeding through my bandage on the keyboard (it's a deep cut, and I keep breaking the skin)

I just like this picture of Marcelo

Kroos' gel defies all logic

Atletico Madrid 4-2 Malaga

ATM are doing really well

The one kit that even Nike can mess up

Sorry, all the photos are of Carrasco, but he's the best thing going right now

Barcelona 1- 0 Granada

This game had lots of aggro but not much goals

Rafina scored


Featured Matches
Augsburg 1- 3 Bayern München

Lewandowski overcame his goal drought to score

Cheers for everyone. I really wish the photos were better, and the Bayern side of Tumblr have gone quiet lately. Hmmm

Borussia Dortmund 0- 0 Schalke 04

That's not a scoreline I imagined seeing. Last week 0-0 now 1-1? What's this?

Serie A

Juventus 2- 1 SSC Napoli

Higuian refused to celebrate against his former club becaus--- ZZZzzzz

Napoli celebrated their lone goal

Don't you hate it when defenders get goals

OP: done! First day of the clocks going back. *dramatic flounce* Don't talk to me!
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