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Arsenal 2- 0 Reading

The Ox scored a brace.

Reading didn't show up

Jenkins is still alive? Still at Arsenal? When did he leave West Ham?

Liverpool 2- 1 Tottenham Hotspur

Liverpool turned out with its pageantry. They love them a cup match under the lights in midweek

I've a lot to say about this match, Let me be brief!

G'wan tru' my yute. Mi ova yeh so ah si yuh a gwann bad. Anyway, I'm enjoying Sturridge, but I can't see him being around come the end of summer, tbh

Eric Dier was named captain for this match. Alas, Pochettino pretty much gave Dier a poisoned chalice. Janssen is misfiring (only two goals from penalty), and the young talent are still young and raw. CCV was ball watching for Sturridge's first goal. The academy lads either need to go on loan (Pochettino hates the option, I've read, but I'd loan CCV and one or two to MK Dons, tbh) or play more, like Winks and Onamah

So, when did Divock Origi get handsome. I'm no cougar, but okay!

Moreno was a lucky boy, that's all I'll say.

There were widescale changes from both teams. Liverpool fielded 11 changes, Tottenham Hotspur 10.

Newcastle 6- 0 Preston

This is a twist for Newcastle. Supposedly, when Pardew and others were coaching at Newcastle, the owner, Mike Ashley, had an edict that only the domestic league counted. No cup challenges, if they were in Europa League (they were under Pardew for a minute), that wasn't going to happen either. Benitez has decided that he wants to go all in for everything going. Ashley (wisely) is letting Benitez does what he does

The game was pretty rollicking

Mitrovich is firing under Benitez

Social Media

People have strong feelings about the Balon D'or candidates

Football confessions

Now this is a confession!

Bob Bradley, is this you?

I like that

Barkley's form needs to change for that to happen though. But yeah, Barkley has an engine on him

For more confessions, please see the tumblr here and show them some LOVE. They are a fan blog of confessions, and some anons can be really vicious.

OP: Done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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