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Premier League

Featured Matches

AFC Bournemouth 0 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur

The score doesn't reflect the quality of the game. Both sides came to play, both goalies were on point

The Bournemouth defence was pretty stout. I think Howe was the happier manager after this match, tbh. Spurs had a chance to go top of the table temporarily

Wilshire showed flashes of quality, but he isn't there yet. Played a full 90 minutes for the first time in two years. Sissoko (not pictured) was lucky to escape a red card.

Arter crunches into titles

Arsenal 0-0 Middlesbrough

Who did this? Why you do this?

Despite the stalemate, Arsenal is at the top of the table

The frustration was visible. Valdes of Middlesbrough was on song, okay. A bloody wall

Swansea 0- 0 Watford

I'll say this for Bob Bradley, he knows which way the wind blows. My man went out and invested in suits. Last week a mock turtleneck and slacks. This week, a grey two piece number

"But jazzzz," I hear you ask, "What about the football?" Swansea is looking a lot more focused, tbh. The players are on the front foot. And look sharper than they've been for a long time (like since Monk's demise)

I hope Bradley does well and keeps Swansea safe. I know that Americans think that the British are arrogant when it comes to Americans in soccer, but if you prove your worth, you get respect. Bradley got some respect yesterday. Based on this one game, he seems to have stopped the bleeding for now. It's unfortunate that Swansea didn't win

Liverpool 2- 1 West Brom

Mane just looks like a good buy. Just class

Klopp is me

Liverpool can't close out a game though


Featured Matches
Bayern Munich 2- 0 Meu Meu A German Team

Bayern Munich defeated a German team. I can't tell you anything about this game save the score

Vidal headed a goal

Ingolstadt 3- 3 Borussia Dortmund

My heart with this game

Ingolstat came storming, got two goals up before Aubamayeng started clawing back

Ramos got his foot in

La Liga

Valencia 2- 3 Barcelona

Neymar got bottled? Stop.

Messi nicked the win with a last minute penalty

Serie A

Milan 1- 0 Juventus

This picture is the definition of winning

Don't Pjanic

This AC Milan goalie, Donnarumma kept his 4th clean sheet this season. OMG, I can't believe he's not even 18 as yet

OP: done! Sorry for this truncated post, but I'm leaving as soon as I can see the road. No news today, sorry! Bye! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback you know the drill
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