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matches played on 16 October 2016

Premier League

Featured Matches
Chelsea 3- 0 Leicester

Hazard was on fire

I didn't watch this game, but eh, no sympathies for Leicester. Knowing them, they'll do a deep run in the Champions League

The fact that Luis and Cahill were untroubled by Leicester though to get that clean sheet-- shocking!

AFC Bournemouth 6- 1 Hull City

I went walking and off the internet grid yesterday, so I didn't see this score in real time. A shock, tbh

I mean... seriously? Charles and Cook were in the goal mix. Really?!

Again, when there's a lot of goals, the pictures tend to be kinda boring from my point of view, because it's all celebrations instead of graft. Moving on!

Arsenal 3- 2 Swansea City

Um. Okay. So *narrative* Bob Bradley is the first American to coach in Europe's top 4 leagues. And his first match? Arsenal. Oy.

Highlights! Xhaka got a red card. Wenger said it should have been a dark yellow.

How is Jack Cork doing at Swansea?

Manchester City 1- 1 Everton

Oh erm... I can't remember this guy's name

From all accounts, it was a frustrating game from City's side, but a satisfactory one from Everton's side. Their defence was solid, their goal keeper was on point

Caption this. Anyway, there's history between these two. Played together at Barcelona, shared digs. There's warm respect between the two... and no drama. *sigh* Can't a sista live?

I guess Silva scored?

West Bromich Albion 1- 1 Tottenham Hotspur

NGL, I expected this result. West Brom are a hard team to overrun, and considering Dele Alli got sent off last season with his punch to a WBA's player's stomach, this match had the whiff of being a snake bite for Spurs

Nacer Chadli scored. Quelle surprise. That's always the way, no? A player scores on his former club. He turned away, with muted celebrations. Chadli has done well for West Brom, something like seven goals in just as much appearances?

Oooh look, Dele Alli and Claudio Yacob meet again. Yacob's the guy whom Alli punched and got a retrospective three match ban. Supposedly Pochettino had words with Dele and he's trying to be calmer now

Toby Aldewerield got a bad injury, and Eric Dier is now back to playing CB (because Waynama is first choice in the Spurs' midfield).


Eintracht Frankfurt 2- 2 Bayern Munich

It was a bloody game. Literally. Müller got a cut to the eye. Hate those cuts because they bleed something fierce

Müller just got up and asked for aid. I gotta say, I like how he gets on with things. Some players would have been rolling and calling for a red card *ahem*

I can't get around a polo shirt being a football kit shirt though. Sorry for the Müller spam, but he was the most interesting subject on the field, it seems

Ausburg 1- 1 Schalke 04

The Ausburg goalie could only look as Bentaleb's strike fizzed past him into the top corner of the net. I gotta say, goal keepers are crazy. I have a young relative who just throws himself about in goal (young lad), and I'm like, "Are you sure you don't want to be in the outfield?"

La Liga

Real Betis 1- 6 Real Madrid

Ahhh, sometimes, you wonder why certain sides bother to show up

Again, all the other pictures are like this. Self congratulatory. Preening. Skill and luck to be playing for Real Madrid, who are sleek and wealthy, and the other teams are barely getting by. Ugh

Barcelona 4 - 0 Deportivo

The other one of the Spanish big two. Different kit, same outcome

A lot of hugs

And shushing of other sides. Moving on!

Atletico Madrid 7- 1 Granada

Yannick Carrasco scored his first hat trick.

Just keep lying down, Ochoa. Just... sleep

Gamero got in on the action. I cannot


Serie A

Juventus 2- 1 Udinese

Another day, another slay, as they say


OP: Done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! Sorry for the late post, but uh... I'm using my mobile internet (because Virgin's down), and it's a case of log on, download- ehhhh - it's time consuming and annoy- and now my online internet is back. *kanye shrug*
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