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international world cup qualifiers


  • Tottenham Hotspur redevelopment: Premier League club 'set to pay Transport for London £12m to rename White Hart Lane station' Wow

  • Spain legend Xavi claims 'everyone loves Scotland' and says the World Cup isn't the same without them So get your finger out, Scotland

  • Real Madrid reveal latest plans for €400m Bernabeu redevelopment including retractable roof Wow

  • History made in Italy as Serie B ref awards first-ever green card For fair play!

Qualifier Scores

Tale of the tape

Featured Matches
Slovenia 0- 0 England

Man, this match was a shitshow. If it hadn't been for Hart we'd have been three goals down

Eric Dier had a mare of a game. An absolute mare. Kept passing the ball to the other team (WUT?), and just was off pace

Sturridge got a yellow - probably because he wasn't doing much with the ball, but to be fair, England's transition from midfield to forward players were rubbish. So glad I didn't get those tickets for Slovenia, tbh, because I'd have been furious

It's so annoying. England do well in the U17s- U21s and when they get to senior level, they turn into dross. Right, head hurting, moving on. Whatever happens, Rooney shouldn't come back into the side. We need to get on with things.

The only exciting thing about this game was that there was a big fight - and Dier wasn't in the middle of it. Lingard lost his head

The twitter account @EuroQualifiers do cover the European Qualifiers. The twitter account is filled with pictures, scores, and cover art for various players. Joe Hart deserved a good cover art. His stint in Torino has made him calmer and his technical bits have improved

Poland 2- 1 Armenia

Lewandowski out here breaking records!

The late, late goal

Wow, wow, wow

So good, Lewandowski got a special bit of art in his honour

Slovakia 3- 0 Scotland

The Home Nations didn't do too well in this international break at all

Mak got the first goal and someone else got a brace

Scotland forth in Group F. The Scottish coach faces the axe

That pink and black attack though. Reminds me of that WWF duo back in the day. The Hart Foundation?

Germany 2- 0 Northern Ireland

Germany have won all their matches with clean sheets. Impressive

Khedira scored his first goal since 2014

Özil played until he came off with injury

Lots of crosses and no connections


This font for the Danish side is awesome

Football designs?

I do like the city silhouettes!

LOL where is the lie?

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill. Two days before my flu shot, I've come down with the flu. T_T
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