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Premier League
Everton 1- 1 Crystal Palace

The tale of two Belgian strikers

The first half of the match was turgid. I think I fell asleep, tbh. Anyway, Lu-lu- Lukaku! scored

Second half, Benteke responds with this powerful header

It was always a head scratcher why Rodgers wanted him for LFC, since Benteke didn't suit our style at all, so it's nice to see him thriving

Koeman at Everton still astonishes me, tbh

Social Media

Cholo has ANOTHER kid?

Ms Aranburu's shoes are sooo tacky. Like, everything else is polished (even though the silver purse and accessories are a bit matchy matchy) the shoes are a record scratch in this harmony of matchyness

Headline reads: Former German International and Real Madrid and Juventus Player Turned UNESCO Champion for Sport Sami Khedira

Sentimental Saturday

Because in topflight football, the world is too small, Pochettino and Guardiola meet again. They've had previous meetings in La Liga. When Pochettino headed the small, struggling side of Espanyol vs Guardiola's sleek Barcelona outfit

Get Poch's barnett!

A headline from one of their first meetings. It's a clever play on words, the portmanteau of their names translates to 'handsome' in Spanish, iirc (that's the closest word in English I can think of, please correct me if I'm wrong). So it's going to be a 'handsome derby'

Football confessions

Huh. Sounds like a certain Portuguese football fan I know. BB, is this you, boo?

Fair dues

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback - you know the drill!
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