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Football matches played on Saturday, 24 September, 2016

Premier League

Featured Matches
Manchester United 4- 1 Leicester

DDG on realising that Manchester United left Wayne Rooney on the bench

Smalling got the goal in off a corner kick by Blind

With Rooney off the team, Mata, Herrera and Rashford were free, free! Zlatan was his imperious best as captain. Rooney who?

That score though!

For long stretches of time, Mou's face was pretty straight. He only truly gave in when they were three goals up

To be fair to Rooney, he seemed happy that his team was winning without him. Daniel Sturridge (love the lad, but) tends not to be so gracious

Graduates of the dab school. A cookie for those who get this reference.

Liverpool 5- 1 Hull City

Stop, drop and roll, because Liverpool are on fire

Pressure, pace, ruthlessness - but we let a goal in though. The defence isn't there yet

I take back my, "WTF, £30 million for him?" re Mane. He's playing quite well. His games to goals ratio is insane

Of course, because LFC can't have everything nice, Sakko went on Snapchat and pretty much said that the club was lying (about him being injured) and that he was frustrated and wanted to play. Klopp is not happy, and most supporters are appalled

Middlesbrough 1- 2 Tottenham Hotspur

Son scored a brace. It seems that he wanted to leave in the summer, because he was struggling. According to Pochettino, he listened to Son's concerns and decided that wasn't going to let Son go

Spurs were on song in the first half, in the second half they lost composure (yo, watching games simultaneously on two computer screens is hard, y'all). U-G-L-Y this kit ain't got no alibi, its UGLY!

Swansea 1- 3 Man City

I'm not really a fan of Man City and their coach, so I might not look out for photos in the future. You've been warned. But here's Sergio Aguero, whom I do like

Swansea are in trouble. I don't think they've won a game since the start of the season, and the coach seems to have lost the players

Loool, what happened here?

Arsenal 3- 0 Chelsea

Collage of pictures


Featured Matches

Hamburg 0- 1 Bayern Munich

Reading the reports, Hamburg put up a good fight and held their own until their late, late, late goal

That tackle!

La Liga

Featured Matches

Sporting Gijon 0- 5 Barcelona

Wow, wow. Like shooting fish in a barrel, eh?

Neymar is a study in how you gain weight right. I remember when he first rocked up to Barcelona looking like Bambi - all spindly legs and big eyes. He's filled out in the best way and without sacrificing his grace/speed. Look and learn Barkley, look and learn

Las Palmas 2 - 2 Real Madrid

Someone isn't happy!

Serie A

Palermo 0- 1 Juventus

OP: gotta go! Cheers, jeers, correction and commentary pushback, you know the drill! Can someone please do the tags for me? Cheers!
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