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EFL cup
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Featured Matches

Leicester City 2- 4 Chelsea

I didn't watch this match, can someone fill me in?

Begovic got a run out

Derby 0- 3 Liverpool

This match was terrible - from Derby's side, I mean. Derby has yet to catch on under Nigel Pearson. Only two goals in their season so far. But Klopp met the Derby mascot - the Ram

Klavan got the first goal!

A lot of new faces were on the field for LFC last night. Grujic? Grujich? Grujick? (I can't spell this lad's name) was one

Lorius Karius made his debut as Liverpool keeper last night - and at key times in the game he was in the midfield. I just... well. He makes this neon travesty look good

When the assist is so good, you have to thank your teammate with a proposal. What

Everton 0 - 2 Norwich City

Everton made wholesale changes and lost

Naismith scored against his old employers, didn't celebrate the goal

I like Everton's new kit</b>

Nottingham Forest 0 - 4 Arsenal

*Heavy sigh*

Dammit, Forest. Anyway, last night four teams coached by Brian Clough played at the same time (Brighton, Forest, Derby and Leeds). Clough had the most success with Nottingham Forest, but he loved Derby more. The supporters of both teams are both uneasy with this fact

La Liga


Wolfsburg 1- 5 Borussia Dortmund

What is going on with Wolfsburg?

Again, when there's a rout, the pictures tend to be more celebratory than match like

All right, Auba. Building that plane for Real Madrid, I see

Dortmund have scored 17 goals in five matches. OMG

Serie A

OP: done! Sorry about the lack of match pictures in every league, but midweek match pictures are tough
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