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Europa Results

I've put the scores here, because I don't have time to do ALL the pictures, soz! Eight days in, school traffic is killing me, send a traffic window of fifteen minutes. Thank you!

South Hampton 3- 0 Sparta Prague

Charlie Austin scores! This is the first match Soton has won since the beginning of their new season. Do it for the coefficient, lads, with Čeferin's election, the fourth place is no longer guaranteed!

Puel wants a deep Europa run. So do I!

Are we loving this kit? Nike will stop being England's supplier after the contract expires, and Underarmour is said to be in contention. Hmmm...ask me how I feel

Fighting over penalty

It's not a football match without a fight, it seems

Feyenoord 1- 0 Manchester United

Mourinho didn't want to be a part of this competition. Damn it, Europa, I love you, why don't English teams love you (I know why, we all do, but I love you, I do)

Pogba needs to find a place and stick to it, tbh


Mou stands in a field of no f**ks

Team training

Klopp putting his players through their paces.

Moreno has got in on the bleached blonde trend. Why?

I still love me some Studge but I wonder if he'll be around come January

Put your shoulders in it, lads! At Klopp's request, LFC have changed their netting in goal from red to white

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!!
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