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champions league matches


Champion's League Scores

Match pictures
Man City 4- 0 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Manchester City supporters have a fraught history with UEFA. Guardiola is pleading with the supporters not to boo the anthem. LOL, good luck with that

Sergio Agüero did quite well

Mönchengladbach gave away a penalty

Juventus 0- 0 Sevilla

The game ended on a stalemate. Good for Sevilla more that Juve, tbh

Juve's coach was not happy

Tug of war

Legia 0- 6 Dortmund

Legia has the best tiros. This is fab

Again, when one team smashes it, the pictures are dead boring

Seriously, good pictures are thin on the ground

Clubb Brugge 0- 3 Leicester

LOL, I'm so not a fan of Leicester, so I'mma keep this part of the post short

Brugge lost

Real Madrid 2 - 1 Sporting

Real Madrid left it late

Ronaldo woke up with a free kick

Tottenham 1 - 2 Monaco

Tottenham Hotspur returned to the Champions League after a five year's absence - um..

Tottenham bottled it. Monaco are a stronger outfit than they were in Europa.I didn't even know that Falcao returned to Monaco - and became captain? How, Sway?

Spurs' defence was terrible. The midfield of Dier- Alli didn't work well, because Dier seemed off the boil and Dele well... he's better up front near to Kane, tbh. Demeble should have started the match

Spurs were down two goals in the first half Alderwerield scored one and there was hope- but hope kills

That being said, nice to see Spurs sticking in the full white for Europe. Dele Alli played in THREE positions last night. The last one was the best one. Let the kid attack

OP: done! Cheers, jeers and the rest of it, you know the drill
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