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monday football


  • Guardiola has promoted five Man City youngsters to the first team squad good

  • Mario Balotelli failed at Liverpool because of Steven Gerrard - Diouf Tell me more

  • Man Utd first English club to break £500m turnover barrier - £515million for 2015/16 making it rain

  • Michel Platini to make a farewell speech at UEFA election Wait. Wasn't he banned?

  • Manchester City news: Pep Guardiola delays Vincent Kompany return over ‘toxins’ in defender’s blood Oh?

  • Crystal Palace defender Pape Souaré to have surgery after car crash leg and jaw injuries

  • Gary Neville admits he may never go back to coaching after return to Sky *kanye shrug*

Sunderland 0 - 3 Everton

Sunderland fan with cancer came out at the invitation of the club

Everton pledged £200k for the lad's treatment

Januzaj on the ball. Has he gotten any better? Idek

Lu-lu- Lukakku. A hat trick in eleven minutes

A header!


Neymar's boy is getting big

This hairstyle is spreading...

The new adidas tracksuit top. I don't know if I like the detail from neck to shoulder

Footie confessions

Yeah, I don't know why James and Isco stayed either. But with the transfer ban it might work out for them, via injuries, etc

Legends don't die, they just fade away. The story of Iker Casillas

Social Media

Luis Garcia knows what's up

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, and the rest of it. See you around for Champions League matches tonight
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