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international break


  • Jurgen Klopp: I'm not saying I am the world's best but I'm quite good...
    good article

  • New York City FC celebrate Frank Lampard Day with win What?

  • Balotelli: 'Never back in Italy' Well...

  • Raiola: 'Klopp is a piece of...' oh, my

F1 stars and Champions League stars playing a charity football match

Rumours had it that Fernando Alonso was going to retire, but those are unfounded.

Former Real Madrid players having fun

Didi (formerly of AC Milan) looks at you scornfully


Torres got a new tattoo

Football confessions

LOL, but the players don't want to leave, even though they need playing time

Ehh, Ramos rallies his side and scores goals when it matters. He's fine

Nah, Man City will be fine. I will say that Joe Hart was the closest you'd come to having to Man City having a stalwart in these petrochemical times. He was with Man City before the investment came in, and a bridge between the strivers 'noisy neighbours' to what they've accomplished now.

Wilshire needed to leave Arsenal, tbh. But he should have left England and gone to Italy (he'd have worked on his positioning). Oh well

OP: done! Bye!
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