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transfer window closing in


Long Form Read
When do soccer players peak? A note

International Break Pictures

Still can't believe Titi is with Belgium NT

Henri was supposedly Lukkaku's favourite player

Heyyyy Divock

Goalkeepers Migs and Courtois

"Titi! Titi Henri! Legend!" That's what Paul Pogba said when Henri interviewed him. Did anyone watch that interview?

Italian NT

Nice to see that going to China hasn't wrecked Pele's chances for being called up to his country's NT

German NT

Posting this because I like the training jacket

Social Media

The Gerrard girls meet Carla Delevingne (English super model) in California

Paul Pogba playing agony aunt

Football Confessions

LOL, including the "Jack, go upstairs on loan!" and you'll never see him in an Arsenal shirt again

Am I missing something?

I agree!

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! I'm doing posts during international break, because unlike a LOT of football followers I actually like watching national teams play. Soooo see you around?
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