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Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 1 Liverpool

So... this is where it began. Jurgen Klopp's first match as coach of Liverpool took place away to Tottenham Hotspur. Mauricio Pochettino hosted him then, as he did yesterday. So much has changed in a year- and yet, not much

Pochettino has gotten more animated on the touchline, for example, and at times, both men stood on the sideline discussing their teams' tactics when not rushing down to celebrate goals. I... what?

Liverpool should have been four up, tbh, if it weren't for the fine efforts of the Spurs keeper, Michel Vorm. Everyone should be buying him a drink. Watching him shoot off the line, and using his feet... yeah, I can see why Joe Hart's stock's dropped in the past six months. Goalkeepers aren't shot stoppers anymore, they need to be ball playing, able to rush off their line, build play from the back. I mean, I knew Hart was in danger once Guardiola rocked up, but listening to this match yesterday, kinda painted it in stark relief

Danny Rose got a point.

Leicester 2- 1 Swansea

South Hampton 1 - 1 Sunderland

Watford 1- 3 Arsenal

I haven't seen this kit

Everton 1- 0 Stoke

What has been your surprising transfer of the window so far? For me, it was Koeman to Everton. Soton and everyone didn't believe Everton had a chance to woo Koeman away. Why leave a side that you got to Europa League and a club that ticks over to go to under achieving Everton?

Supposedly it was the money and the promise of holding on to their best players that appealed, after Soton selling off their best

Hull 0 - 1 Manchester United

Mourinho time! Mou threw on Rashford in the dying minute of the game, and he cinched the win (91 minutes!) with a Rooney assist

Mourinho was looking increasingly tense and unhappy as the match went on, and Hull were closing down Zlatan and Rooney making them useless

Luke Shaw is back! Looking good! We missed you in the Euros, boo. Did you read his interview with the Guardian the other day? Good read. Mourinho wanted him at Chelsea, but Shaw passed, and went to Man United because he'd be assured of playing time, only for himself and Mou to meet at... Man United! Football at the top level is too small, no?

La Liga
Real Madrid 2- 1 Celta Vigo

Leganes 0 -0 Atletico Madrid

What? Worst start under Simeone and all that.

Bayern Munich 6- 0 Werder Bremen

So far, the players dig Ancelotti's style of play and coaching over Guardiola's according to gossip. But then Ancelotti has always been an excellent man manager

Borussia Dortmund 2- 0 Mainz 05

I hate seeing this. I love the player but no to this

OP: gotta dash. Sorry for the minimal commentary and pictures. My internet is dodgy (I am writing this from a hotel room near a beach, y'all and there's a squall outside!). Normal services to resume on Tuesday Can someone do the tags for me, plz?</i>
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