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the PL starts today



Hope Solo's statement. Did she just... swipe at the USWNT's former coach?


The comments around this decision have been alarming to say the least. We don't say 'half-caste' with regards to mixed race kids anymore, for one

Eddie Howe! I hope Bournemouth get European places this year

McNair and Love have left Manchester United for Sunderland. Supposedly a lot of academy talents have asked their agents to look for doors marked exit because they can't see progress under Mourinho

Christian Eriksen's agent has asked for £150k a week for his client. Tottenham Spurs are supposedly shocked, because Hugo Lloris doesn't even get half that

Football confessions

I agree

An example of the new kit direction

Nope. Football (or at the very least, men's football) shouldn't be an Olympic sport. Nor should golf, or tennis.

Well... don't watch it? Which league calls their managers Dons, and what's a Don - like an honorific?

For the MLS people on this board

OP: Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill. My jansport has told me it's time to go so I need to buy a new knapsack ;-;
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