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Mark Clattenburg, a man who's never passed a mirror that he didn't like, someone who has courted controversy off field as well as on - got himself a pair of tatts

2016 has been a banner year for his career, tbh. In the space of two months, he refereed the Champions League final as well as the Euro 2016 final. So he got a pair of tatts to acknowledge this achievement.

Wayne Rooney's testimonial : Man United 0- 0 Everton

Ended 0- 0. 50k people showed up, both sides played full strength teams, monies go to charities. Nothing else to see here, moving on!

International Champions Cup
Barcelona 4 - 2 Leicester

Wow... at the Leicester supporters around my way. I keep telling them that friendlies aren't the future - but Leicester are missing Kante like woah though

Munir is playing! I thought he'd disappeared from the side. Good to see him still at Barça

Messi captained the side!

Hope to see Demerai Gray going on to do good things

Champions League
Celtic 2 -1 Astana (Agg: 3-2)

Demebele did good for Celtic

OP: done! Gotta go, for real. I wasn't kidding when I said quick and dirty. Cheers, jeers, correction and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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