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Liverpool's third kit called, 'Toxic Thunder' I can't stand New Balance, sorry

I. Just. Why?

Domzale 2 - 1 West Ham

I can't cheer for a Tory party propped up team at all

Domzale won the first leg

All Stars 1- 2 Arsenal

The team for Arsenal

The opening ceremony

Arsenal scored

Drogba is king.

Holding is a new face for Arsenal in defence, right? I can't say I've seen him before. What's his story?


Are all of these players staying?

Ibra has finally arrived for training. When you look at how he's cared for his body, versus Rooney, well...

Atletico Madrid on tour down under

Simeone practicing his blue steel.

Atletico Madrid players cuddling to some koalas

Torres needs an oxygen treatment for his face, and just slap on SPF 60 going forward. It's looking quite leathery

It's not too late to save your skin

I like Torres' shoes

Atletico Madrid face Tottenham Hotspur in Australia for the ICC. The game is scheduled for today, at 11:00 AM GMT. Simeone and Pochettino both played for the Argentine NT, and are warm friends.

A throwback pic

Football confessions

Yeah, he's become a so and so as of late. Sod him, tbh and Wales.

It's the weekend. I can finally have some cake

OP: done. Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback you know the drill. Can I have a tag for International Champions Cup, please?
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