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Ronaldo and JLo partying

Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian, The Deliverer of Receipts

Meanwhile... in Napoli. The supporters are taking it as well as to be expected

Oh, Mama!

International Champions Cup
Juventus 2- 1 Tottenham Hotspur

In the first fifteen minutes, Juventus were up by two goals. Pochettino fielded some academy lads (Dominic Ball and CC Vickers, I think) were at fault for both goals, the defensive was MIA

*drool at Pjanic*

In the second half, Lamela clawed back a goal for Spurs</b>

This turmeric coloured kit is NAGL. Wait, it looks good on the really dark skinned. I'm the colour of this guy...

Marcus Edwards. Actually this guy is supposedly the next Messi. He was being unsettled by big money offers from Man City and Chelsea. Barcelona and Bayern were also having a sniff around. The club and himself came to terms, and supposedly first team minutes might be a part of it? I think he's already in first team training

Miller is another Hotspur academy talent (and British!). He's normally a midfielder but played as LB.

This is Vincent Jansen. He turned down offers from PSG and other high paying clubs for Tottenham Hotspur.

Supposedly, Tottenham Hotspur were unhappy about the price point of this game. Something like $40 AUS for a child's ticket! The club impressed on the ICC their concern at the cost but the ICC and organisers wouldn't be moved, and out of 100k capacity, only 30k showed up. They say that other clubs *Real Madrid, cough* charge $20 AUS just for their supporters to watch them train on tour! So the price point might be a concern for the viability of this cup going forward?

OP: I have to go! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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