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news tidbits


Under 19s Euro

The French won

Inter 1 - 3 Paris Saint Germain

I didn't watch the match, too late for me on a Sunday, I'm afraid

Jovetic for Inter takes a penalty

PSG triumphed in the end

CANCELLED: Man City vs Man United match

Mourinho said that he didn't mind losing, but having injured players wasn't on the cards

Guardiola on seeing the state of the pitch

Players out and about

Nasiri is still alive!

Ronaldo met Connor McGregor, cage fighter of the moment

Man City new kit. When you realise that Nike just stopped caring about design

Can someone make this into an icon for me, please?!

Joe Hart posing with his self portrait


When you don't know the difference between Napoli or the Argentine team

Me when I see my new Pokemon go up a level. Gym and team [still have yet to decide] here I come!

OP: done. Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!

P.S. Can I have a tag for the International Competition Cup, please? It's going to be around for a while
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