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  • A Billion Reasons to Believe China's path to football superpower

  • News in pictures

    PSG OFFICIEL : @PatrickKluivert rejoint le @PSG_inside en tant que directeur du football !

    Nani is presented at Valencia and does capoeira

    Chelsea's new manager. Props to Conte, he only started learning English seriously when he accepted the job (around May when it was announced?), and he took his first press conference in English. Answering questions, using metaphors (he's a tailor who has to cut cloth according to his circumstance). Bravo!

    Preseason and friendlies (cont)

    Torres w/ Atleti

    When Alonso cuts down on the beer, his skin and face look better

    Digne has signed for Barcelona! The face mask is the new rage!

    Vincent Jansen has signed for Tottenham Hotspur. Met with Pochettino, both are taken with each other, Jansen rejected overtures from PSG and Wolfsburg and here he is. Jansen's mother represented her country at the Olympics, won gold in swimming

    New kit alert!

    Out and about

    Buffon on hols

    I want to go to there

    Ronaldo on holiday

    What. Is. This. Pogba!

    Football confessions/Social Media


    Ha ha ha ha. I like your steeze

    I'm spreading my tentacles for the seamier side of football confessions. #noshame

    I do like his accent, NGL. The lilt is interesting, and his English is... distinctive.

    A name I haven't thought about in a long time

    LOL, point taken

    Give us a hug, because I have discovered Pokémon go, and have sprained my ankle

    OP: done! Done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! Any overlooked tags, please fill in! Knitters amongst us, can I ask a question about a pattern again? Cheers
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