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Spurs on tour. Must be nice

Lloris has his own doll

No, Borini. Noooo

Social Media

The Messi stans on tumblr drive me crazy, saying tax evasion is not as bad as rape or murder. You're still stealing from the public pot. I'm sure Messi and his family use the services that the country provides- hospitals, roads, municipal interests....

Anyway, I found this interesting, in terms of context. Messi still avoided paying tax though, even if Real Madrid players have gotten away with it, it still doesn't make it right?

Drake memes never get old

Boeing CR 7


Football confessions

Boo, I'm with you. Talk about tone deaf

Nice to see confessions about female football players who aren't American

I like how unrepentant Santos is, tbh

Club friendlies : BvB

So many Dembeles, I can't keep up! This is Ousmane Dembele. Dortmund have played two friendlies in the space of four days

I like the new kit!

Special K just realising that he's made it to the PL and needs to work like stink to stay in

Moreno - he really just wants to be a winger, I think. Still side eyeing him after that Europa loss

OP: sorry, gotta dash! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! Can someone please do the tags for me? Cheers!
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