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euro 2016


Copa America

Peru went through!

Another hand of God? Mess

Euro 2016
Germany 2- 0 Ukraine

Commentary will be limited as I'm in a hurry. Have to find a post office, as well as the status of the strike action on my flight out and make other arrangements if so

Someone can id players in this photo. It won't be me

Turkey 0- 1 Croatia

Mordic was on song, I hear. Great volley!

Goal of the tourney!

Poland 1- 0 Northern Ireland

Milik scored the only goal. Poland's physicality overwhelmed the Northern Irish

Good shot!

Saturday, June 11, 2016
Wales 2- 1 Slovakia

Wales historic win, historic in the Euros.

This is the extent of my interest in Wales and Bale, tbh

Sea of red

England 1- 1 Russia

The match was pretty mixed, and the result expected but good on Eric Dier. He's really laid his marker down for future key player, captain of the side, etc.

Well deserved MOTM and got cheered when it was announced. Outed fires, industrious and sure. Bossed around the other players, asked for the ball, etc.

That free kick! I do have more to say about England. Raheem Sterling is a numpty and deserves the cussing he got, he shouldn't have been on the plane in the first place, but I'm done with Hodgson and his sloth like assistants today (shit game management, subs, etc). Right-o! Have to go!

Marvel ESPN Art -Euro 2016

NGL, I've been surprised seeing Americans following the Euros. Isn't Copa America on?

I'm assuming this is supposed to be Bale. They don't have his jutting underbite, simian like features down though


This reminds me of Sports Billy - that old time cartoon. Don't tell me that you don't know it, I feel old enough already. Like I see people with the Thundercats shirt and people think it's a cool logo. What, no "Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight"?

This is kinda animae. But then, Ronald's existence is kinda animae

OP: done! Done, done. Can someone please do the tags for me. I don't know what the travel front is going to be like, due to the strikes, etc. If things go to plan, you will see a Euro post on Wednesday! If not... whenever?
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