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Very good ad. I don't even like Nike like *that* but this is brilliant


Skertel responds to the news of Agger's retirement

Shoutouts to D. Agger

Bale in high spirits for Wales

Hal Robson Kanu in Wales presser. I always think that I should know him, but I come up at a loss

Social Media

Ronaldo can be alone by choice, not circumstance, trust

Dunno, boo

WHO are these people?!

Where are these rumours coming from? Whatever though, Stones needs to play. I'd like him to be coached by a good manager, and just keeps on playing to get the howlers out of his game

OP: done! I'm going to have to make some football confessions myself, tbh. I have feelings towards the English NT that might be considered treasonous. Don't care. Can someone PUHLEASE do the tags for me? Thanks!
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