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Pogba is striking yes, handsome no.

:/ at the tats, yo

I really hope that the strikes in France aren't going to hold up the action much. I think they're supposed to be striking on the day I'm looking to fly out. LOL

Copa America

LOL, cute
Brasil 0- 0 Ecuador

LOL, I just like this gif. There was a bit of a todo with the refereeing decisions in this game? Do tell?

Neymar rocked up but didn't play

Dang Willian, you've been eating for more than one, no?

Haiti 1- 0 Peru

Haiti has been through so much in the last six years. Good to see you here!

Nice weather!

International Friendlies
France 3- 0 Scotland

I didn't watch this game

Giroud is coming good. Benzema who?

I forgot how pink the Scots kit was

Not much pics in action, soz

Germany 2- 0 Hungary

Didn't watch this Germany match

Some German players in this team who would have difficulties finding neighbours- or something.

Schweinsteiger is supposedly leaving Manchester United. It's not like he uprooted any trees in the PL, to be fair

The shirt has a decent design

He looks different, no?

Remind me, this action is called a 'dua' right?

Mueller scored

Austria 0- 2 Holland

Austria had a gnarly match.

The Dutch kit is the best looking one by Nike (I think Portugal is a close second)

Slovakia 0 - 0 Northern Ireland

Temperatures rising...

NI hasn't lost a match in a minute. Yay</b>

Football confessions

All these flavours and people choose to be salty

Time to go

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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