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championship playoff and champions league


Switzerland 1- 2 Belgium

Belgium was down, came back to win this game

Soon, they'll be playing in the PL

Lu-lu-lu-ka-ku! He's been doing the long goodbye to Everton. Idek what's with the Belgians who play in England, tbh. Apart from Origi, KdB and the Spurs quartet (I can't spell their names) the rest of them come across as really classless in interviews when talking about their English clubs. Looking at you, Lukakku, Courtois and Hazard (Fellani, too, to a lesser extent)

Oh look, a card to match your kit. Isn't it luverly?

Eden Hazard is Belgium's NT captain? I... guess

So, what's the deal with Axel Wittsel? I hear he wants to leave Zenit, but the price tag is a lot.

The guy in the back - Thomas Vermawhatever- he's uninjured?! Praise. As an English woman, I can't really shade anyone's national kit but... uhh...

Championship playoffs
Hull 1- 0 Sheffield Wednesday

The game had a lot of passion around it, but the match itself was a bit meh

This game was worth £165 million to the winner. This includes the TV money for the year, and a parachute payment if and when you go down. For those who are following at home: the new teams in the PL are: Hull, Middlesbrough and Burnley. All Northern teams! *beams*

Diame scored the only goal and it was a beauty

Steve Bruce (and his son, Alex Bruce) stand and pose with the play off trophy.

Champions League Final
Real Madrid 5- 3 Atletico Madrid

Highlighted scenes

I felt for Juan Fran.

Oh, so she was his girlfriend? I thought Carrasso (sp?) was just macking on a random. Because I was like, "Really? Now? When nothing has been won? Chile..."

Navas and Olbak were in god mode during the game. In the shootout, Navas just had that little more. When they said that this was a game of margins, no kidding!

Shout out to Carrasco. He did what one hopes a sub can do. He had industry, helped to swing the game in Atletico's favour for a short time

Torres consoles his teammates. He was crying at the end

Poor Torres, it wasn't to be. But you've achieved much with this team a second time around. Simeone gave him a gift

Great picture. Gutted for him.


Favour isn't fair. When the football gods and destiny favour you- I mean, come on. Zizou gets tapped for the Real Madrid job and it's more due to good will than competence. They lose the title to Barcelona, almost go out to Wolfsburg, and now Zizou WINS the Champions League! Over Atletico Madrid who had to vanquish Barça and Bayern Münich? Only to lose out on the lottery of PENALTY KICKS?! Simeone must be gutted

Hands up in the air!

Sergio Ramos wins his first CL as RM captain


Huh. Ronaldo bites his nails? Huh

How is Ronaldo's tan so even? How is he darker than me?!


Ramos got MOTM. Wouldn't have been my choice, but eh. It always goes to the person on the winning team, no?

As the Captain, Ramos honours the tradition of wreathing the Cibeles with flag and showing the cup to the faithful in the city square


OP: With this post, I can FINALLY SAY, thank you! Thank you for dropping in to reading the posts for the 2015/2016 football season. Cheers for the corrections, reactions and commentary push back for when I've gone too far and spoken in error. Thanks for those who've done the tags (you're awesome), and made me icons (more awesome!). Commiserations for finals lost, and defeats. Congratulations to those whose teams won various honours and the rest of it. Roll on Euro 2016 and Copa America!
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