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Jose Mourinho

Adidas had a great welcome for Mourinho (this is not it, I just like this graphic) that says, #Firstneverfollows

Mou's on instagram and this is first image

Mourinho lost some weight, cut his hair, shaved. Looking GOODT

The graphics have been immense

England 2- 1 Australia

Marcus Rashford was named to play for the full 90 minutes in his international debut. I came across people who said that he's ugly. Fam, I wanted to fight THEM.

England squad that lined up last night.

John Stones improved on his performance last night

Marcus Rashford just keeps hitting his lines no?

I swear Manchester United fans, if Mourinho doesn't want to play him, sell him on

Truly the Stadium of Light

Daniel Sturridge had a face of thunder. I do think he's a gamble, especially with this England. Supposedly the England camp is exasperated with his injury. But I think Sturridge and the England training just doesn't mesh. Klopp got him back up to speed, so this is a blow.

Oh, Dier. Came on at 72', got an OG at 75'. In his defence (hah!), Dier hasn't played as a CB since May 2015. He's played this season as a DM.

Rooney came on in the second half, looked fresh and dangerous. Probably that's the way forward? I can't see him in our starting XI and doing a full 90 mins every three days at all.

Drinkwater and Barkley are a toss up to see who's going to go. I'm not fussed over either of them, to be honest. Drinkwater played well, but didn't really put his foot in it? It doesn't help that Woy is hipped on Wilshire.

Republic of Ireland 1- 1 Holland

My interest in this game was the fact that Mauricio Pochettio was in the stands. Supposedly, he's been linked to Shane Long (who scored the first goal here). Not so fast though...

But he looks chummy with Long's agent here. Long playes for Soton as a forward. Pochettino is looking for someone to challenge Harry Kane (and supplement him)

Holland struck first, RoI clawed one back

Pochettino supposedly turned out to look at a Dutch player whose name I can neither pronounce or spell

Slovakia 3- 1 Georgia

I really wanted to watch this match. Slovenia is a team in England's group

The only player I know is Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid's goalie). I have a Slovakian footie friend, I need to hit her up

Build up to the Champions League Final

Church sponsored homeless shelters will be showing the Champions League final.

Sergio Ramos isn't my favourite player, but he's really grown since he's gotten that captain's band, whether by fair means or foul is a matter of debate that I can't argue about. His comments about the final were measured and kinda... nice?

What a way to cap one's homecoming, eh? You couldn't write it. I've tried, but... this is when reality is better than one's own half emotional cobblings


For real. Neuer might not need to shower after matches anymore


Now with animation!

Squad goals or nah?

OP: done! The sun is out, and I'm trying to better my PT. You know the drill!
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