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cup finals

The FA Cup
Crystal Palace 1- 2 Manchester United

Tinie Tempah performed. Now, his new joint is a banger, but you could barely hear it over the noise of the crowd

Karen Harding - don't know her, but safe to say, she flopped. Like... girl, didn't you hear the cue? She was touching her earpiece

Delayed kick off

Second goal sealed the deal in the OT of the game. I'm just glad that it didn't go to penalties

LvG won his fourth cup in his career

Sorry that there are no actual match pictures. They've disappeared

Celebration time, come on! LvG is talking about buying new players. Would you really give this man any more money to spend? He's spent £250 million, saying that Manchester United supporters need revise their expectations downward and that football! But at least he's bedded young talent though *glares balefully at Mourinho*

Scottish Cup
Rangers 2 - Hibernian 3

Broke a curse.

Hibernian supporters were ecstatic.

Wow, wow, wow.

DFB Pokal

I tuned in for the penalties. I knew I should have stayed away. Sorry, Dortmund!

Sports photography is awesome. I keep saying that, don't I?

I was that guy in the yellow to the left when I checked in on the match (because my fotmob app was silent, and I thought it was faulty, but noooo the game had no goals in time allowed to play)

Me when I realised that it had gone down to penalties


The slating this guy got. People were like, "Are you really sad, Hummels? Really?!

I guess the loss just underscores why he wants to leave? Hummels wants to win silverware

When your ex-squad is judging you

Guardiola comforting his players

Leaves the Bundesliga with two domestic cups in three years. Not bad!

French Cup
Marsielle 2- 4 PSG

I don't really want Zlatan in the PL. I know, I'm a party of one

*sighs* Poor Marsielle

So long, farewell. etc

Italian Cup
AC Milan 0 - 1 Juventus

Juventus won by 1. A true Italian score

*sighs* It must be nice to support a team that wins everything in the league. Must be nice. *bitter, jp's bitter*

Pogba! I know someone who has a mad crush on him. He's pretty striking, I'll say that.

OP: I'm off! Cheers, jeers, commentary pushback, you know the drill
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