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Europa League Final


Europa League final: Liverpool 1- 3 Sevilla

I'm still fuming, NGL. So, I'm not going to say anything, I'll just post pictures

GPOY. What was the point of all that eh?

Taking that L

Klopp has been here before...

England in training

Wilshire will always look as if he got stuck in a biscuit bin, won't he?

Went to buy an England kit yesterday. Tried it on, put it back on the railing. It is the ugliest thing in Christendom

I'd love to have heard Dier's reaction when he realised Hodgson's plans for him. Courage!

Why is Delph there? I mean... really?

Drinkwater. Meh. But I'll choose him over Delph to stay on while the latter is dropped

And done, between that match result and my eczema flare up I'm having a bad time. Can someone please do the tags for me? I'm going to go and soak in a tub of oatmeal. Again.
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