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la liga and bundesliga

Please note- I'm putting all the pictures that I can. Some scores won't have pictures because I can't find those (due to those teams not being so popular over here). Thanks for your understanding

Bayern Munich 3- 1 Hannover 96

The match pictures are immaterial, just loads of celebration pictures

Don't ask me anything about who is who. Fill me in!

Guardiola's sartorial style is bone deep elegance

Beer is supposed to be good for brunette hair as a rinse

All that gluten in that beer. Ich

Gluten, calories...

Someone got a canon for being a top goal scorer

Bayern won the cup the fourth time in a row

The players got matching rings or summat

They're like... lollipop rings

Players milling around at a party after a match

Borussia Dortmund 2- 2 FC Köln

Reus with kinder. Don't know if his

still, d'aww. I can admire people who are natural and warm with children. I'm... not that

All those goals and you still came second. Life is tough

New kit in all its glory

Hummels says goodbye. Bayern is getting him for €35 million. Supposedly Bayern didn't want to do a straight swap, because they think they'll make more money off Götze by flogging him abroad.

Wolfsburg 1- 0 Vfb Stuttgart

Ligue 1

Zlatan got a send off. PSG already had the title in the bag since March of this year.

Seria A
Juventus 5- 0 Sampdoria

Juventus won the League! Again.

Celebratory pictures because the match was a rout

Drink in that victory!

Don't mind me...


AC Milan 1- 3 Roma

Totti and kids

How many children does he have?

Sassuolo 3- 1 Inter

Welp at Inter

SS Napoli 4- 0 Frosinone

Higuain became the highest scorer in Serie A?

While we’re all still being distracted by Eurovision, it’s important to note that Gonzalo Higuain made history today.

Gonzalo Higuain scored his 36th goal of the Serie A season, and has scored the most goals in a Serie A season ever.

Gonzalo Higuain entra nella storia del calcio italiano e con 36 gol, scrive un nuovo record. Lui ha superato Gunnar Nordhal per più di una rete a partita.

Congratulazione, Pipita!

La Liga

Deportivo La Coruna 0- 2 Real Madrid

Remembrance for the Real Madrid fans killed in Bagdad by Isis because Isis think football is against Islam. I guess

Ramos and the rest of the players wore black armbands to honour their slain supporters. That is classy

Great stat, Zizou!

Zizou has done quite well for his first run out at RM manager I think

Real Madrid's Ronaldo scored a brace but Barcelona still won

Granada 0-3 Barcelona

Suarez has had the most assists in La Liga

Barcelona won the title, I hear

Barcelona won La Liga. Again. I'll be glad when the TV money in Spain starts to level off. Although that won't happen for the foreseeable future

Celebration time- come on!

Points total

Liverpool sold Suarez too cheaply, NGL.

Athletic Club 3- 1 Sevilla

Atletico Madrid 2- 0 Celta Vigo

Atleti have a CL final next week. They are ALL RIGHT

The players won, Olbak has equalled a goalie record, and it's just been generally a good season for AM

Clapping supporters

OP: done! Cheers, jeers and the rest of it, you know the drill!
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