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weekend matches (pic spam)


Tottenham Hotspur 1- 2 South Hampton

We'll get to the match in a minute. Before the match started, a young Hotspur fan, who's been disabled from meningitis, to come and have a kick about on the pitch before the game started. Since it's the last home game, it was seen as an honour

The Saints want Europa League. Although the last time they got there (this season) they couldn't be arsed to get beyond the second round and helped to ruin our coefficient. But eh.

Spurs... yesssh. Lloris (in the background) let himself down with a relatively easy save (he's made them tons of time before). The team seemed strangely (understandably) subdued. But once they named Mason (right) as a CM in the pivot with Dier, I knew Spurs were going to lose. I can see why Pochettino likes him (Mason will lay his body on the line for the team), but he's cost Spurs points from leading positions every time he's gotten on since his recovery. Once they get past their preferred midfielders (Alli and Dembele out for infractions), they are scuppered. I really thought Pochettino would have played Onamah instead. Or move Eriksen back into mid with Dier or something

Hueng Min Son scored first, but Spurs do start brightly and then fade away like a badly dyed shirt- they've been doing so in the past six games.

Really impressed with Soton's Shane Long. He had pace, industry and technique. Where has he been hiding all this time when Pelle was stinking up the joint?

But, ngl, Spurs seemed gassed. Also, Pochettino needs to work on tactics re: counterattacking football and breaking the bus down. He's a young coach and to be fair to him, Pochettino has only improved on his performances each year in the league (from his debut 14th to now knocking on 2nd place if Spurs don't eff it up). But he needs to come strong for next year. A supporter said he showed more fight getting a place on the tube afterwards. LOL!

For the last home game, the players do a lap of honour around the track. So here are some pictures

Dembele came on with his family. Note the black shirt and trousers

Awww, cute up

Kyle Walker and his brood

I love Lloris's daughter's pink jeans! I might buy myself a pair of pink ones for the summer. *hearts in eyes*

Dele Alli came back from a short break in Marbella (lucky!) and tons of promotional stuff (EA Sports, Adidas) to do his first end of season lap at the lane. Because himself and Mousa Dembele are serving suspensions (Dele Alli is sitting out the rest of this season), both men had to wear full black attire with no identifying branding.

Liverpool 2- 0 Watford

Love this picture of Moreno. For the summer, I'd like Moreno to work on his recklessness though

Liverpool could have had three goals, NGL! Klopp put forward another changed side from Europa. The club have THREE games before the Europa final on May 18, 2016, so Klopp is being careful

Brannaghan! An academy talent has been getting his run out, good to see. I was pretty scandalised to find out that LFC have FORTY FIVE players on its roster for training though- that is crazy. Rodgers bought a lot of people in his time there, so Klopp's holding off not buying players in January has been sound. A lot of the names I've been like, "Oh, yeah... him!"

Watford had a couple of chances, but they weren't coming off the blocks. I must say, I think Quiche Sanchez Flores has been hard done by his club. Before they stumbled on dodgy form, rumours of QSF being sacked at the end of the season have been zinging around due to the club's policy

I still don't know why Rodgers insisted on buying Benteke? He didn't fit into LFC's style then, and doesn't now. I think he'll be moved on. China, probably, just to get our transfer money back

After four years post production, BBC showed the Hillsborough documentary last night because it had been embargoed all this time. I'd already seen it on ESPN years ago, iirc. Still upsetting. The coverup is shameful and the FA should be cited in its hand in the tragedy too

The Watford supporters really rate QSF. In their first year back in the PL, they've gotten to safety and to the semi final of a Cup campaign, and yet, he's going. But he's supposedly being linked to the Everton job? Better him than Pellegrini, tbh. Word has it that Pellegrini wants to stay in the PL, but clubs aren't really interested

Joe Allen is working out really well as an impact sub. When Klopp wants to gum up the works of the opposition midfield, and have someone threading passes and help splitting defences, Allen is your man! But the worry is that Allen might want to move on, because he's seen as a squad player instead of a starter, and he might be a good starter for another team (hence the touted return to Swansea- with Brendan Rodgers), but Klopp seems to like him

He's no Welsh Xavi, but he'll do

Man City 2- 2 Arsenal

Sanchez cinched a tie! To be honest, Manchester City's defence has always been suspect. No more so that this year

If Sanchez is looking for the door marked exit from Arsenal, his performance didn't show it. But then, he might be putting himself in the shop window

KdB is so brilliant! He's been the diamond in Man City's season

Giroud scored?!

Manuel Pellegrini gave a speech to the stadium after the draw. The stadium was half empty as soon as the match had finished. A lot of the Manchester City fans are divided re: the reaction to the club. As in, the older heads (before the club was bought in 2008) are dismayed by the expectation of success to the point where fans are entitled. Older fans are like, "If you'd told me that we'd be scoffing at probably being in fifth place, I'd cry with happiness." The newer fans are mad that Man City won't be in Europa and have had issues with the players' attitudes and think Pellegrini has failed as his tenure has gone on. Me, as an LFC supporter (and having a bit of a soft spot towards Spurs, two clubs that have found success in recent years as fleeting flicker of light guttering in a wind tunnel of malaise and failure) are like, "You what, mate?" My Newcastle supporting friend is like, "Are you having a laugh?"

And then Arsenal fans. You have a coach that's brought you CL for the past twenty years, especially through the lean times. Have a coach that can attract bigger stars (LFC is still scarred over the Sanchez transfer) and people want him out. I do get the fear of complacency but... it CAN be worse

F**k me if Wilshire is still going to the Euros when he's yet to play a full competitive match in the PL. Don't do it, Roy!

Oooh the stadium that greeted Pellegrini's last speech

La Liga
Real Madrid 3- 2 Valencia

Arbeloa got his send off because he's retiring from Real Madrid

Wore his captain's badge. Lots of butt hurt San Iker supporters were hot on my TL.

The club supporters got his shirt...

More cheers

Claps the crowd at the Bernabeau

Guard of honour

Barcelona 5- 0 Espanyol

Espanyol got battered


Celtic won the league. Again.

Football confessions

Wh- what?

LOL, awww

It will be interesting!

LOL, this illustration provoked commentary that made me laugh yesterday. It's just as well Arbeola called it a day, tbh. I liked his reasoning for retiring, about how an RM player must contribute to the present and future of the team, and not the past


OP: done! Gotta dash!
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