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Championship Playoffs
Middlesborough 1- 1 Brighton

Celebration time, come on! But let's look at this game

Special K!

NGL, the game was exciting but short on quality. Borough missed a slew of chances (they need to fix that up for their run in the PL), and Brighton's challenges were reckless.

I was SO GLAD (OMG) that Middlesborough got promoted. There's concern that with a lot of Northern teams being demoted and keep on going down, it would be terrible if all the clubs were in the South

Karanka has been through it, ngl. With rumours of player unrest (hello Stewart Downing) and him departing from the club in a huff (and then coming back after talks), it's nice to see him being rewarded


Burnley won the Championship (second tier) title and as such, were automatically promoted to the PL. I have time for Sean Dyce, so good for him coming back up

Premier League
Norwich City 0- 1 Manchester United

Manchester United won, but the supporters have despaired re: the football, tbh.

Herrera is such a good player. LvG is just grinding the flair away from that team, and they want him to stay for another year. Spent quarter of a billion pounds for this kind of football and result. Yay, I guess?

Aston Villa 0- 0 Newcastle

Goodbye, Newcastle! I'm sorry that you can't keep Rafa, because he'd have done you good. He came in too late to make a difference

Sunderland 3- 2 Chelsea

Dafoe never misses leg day. Good bit of business getting him in, Sunderland

I wonder if Terry did this so that he wouldn't have to be a part of the guard of honour when Leicester rock up to Chelsea. He was always that kind of shady bloke, tbh

West Ham 1- 4 Swansea

So where was this form, Swansea when you played Leicester, hmmm?

Ayew struck again!

Leicester City 3-1 Everton

Polishing the trophy. Man, a f**k you to Leicester fans for thinking that their achievement eclipses Notts Forest and Brian Clough's achievements in the 1980s. Bitch, where?!

This Everton fan has been a bright spark in a glum season. He's been running, swimming, etc in his trunks to raise money for a local (Liverpool) hospice

To be honest with you, Everton didn't show up, so here's just pictures of Leicester players basking in ish

Everton should have just not turned up, tbh. So ineffective as they were.

I really hate Leicester and all that it stands for, but congratulations to Ranieri!

The circle of life. Schmeicel the younger has done his rounds in the championship and now, winnar.

Walkers crisps is a company that makes snacks, especially potato chips.

Andrea Bocielli was asked by Claudio Ranieri to come and sing Nessum Dorma and Say Goodbye. The Leicester supporters chanted through the whole thing. Like school on a Saturday...

More of the Leicester goalie. I can't spell his name, nor do I want to know how to spell it, so.

Mahrez. Word is, he wants to stay (although his agent is agitating for a move), because his wife is a local who runs a business. His agent really wants him to move, though

Leicester, mo' Leicester. For real, I can't find much other pictures of other matches played yesterday. LOL

The other players are aesthetically displeasing to me, so here, have a picture of Ranieri

If Martinez stays at Everton, I will put a bet on them being relegated. I'm SMH at their players being a part of the English NT with their form being as is. Stones' (not pictured) form has fallen off a cliff and Barkley looks clueless. *sigh* Hopefully a change (of scenery from club football to international competition) is as good as a rest

Ingolstadt 1- 2 Bayern Munchen

Bayern Munich won again? Really?

Again, no match pictures of a match in progress. End of season pictures are pretty predictable that way

Some half naked men

Celebratory photo

Eintracht Frankfurt 1- 0 Borussia Dortmund

Dortmund tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, nothing really mattered. Bayern Munich won despite their turmoil with Guardiola's fireworks. Life isn't fair, tbh.

But have a dollop of sunshine with these two!

OP: right, gotta go. Bye!
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