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Ugh. Leicester


Premier League

Where can each club finish. Soton are doing well to be locked into European places. I'll be mad if they flop it again next season though. You too, West Ham

Chelsea 2- 2 Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham bottled it, straight up. If they won this match, they would have been in with a slim chance, but LOL nope.

Clattenburg lost this game, yo. Like, threw it away. You know it's a heated derby, you know what's on the line and ... did nowt

Fair play to both sides, though, I enjoyed the match up to the last twenty minutes when it descended into a melee.

Spurs threw away a 2 goal lead! Once Pochettino put Mason on for Son, it was over. I seent it

Eye gouging, blood throwing ( Dembele, not Costa!), monkey chants (allegedly from the Chelsea fans), the match was LIT. Normally matches tend to be pretty staid, but Pochettino is an Argentine who appreciates a good derby.

Last night, Spurs became the first PL side to have nine players getting yellow. NINE! After five cards on a team, the team can and will incur a fine. It's hilarious, because Spurs were always considered an upper middle class club with no fighting spirit. I mean, they're no Atletico, but eh. Young team, young manager, coming into this game with pressure, they pretty much imploded.

Kane showed his bonafides as a potential captain last night, tbh. When all about him were losing their heads, he kept his. Himself, Alderweireld and Lloris must be fuming! Their side let them down. Also, Mason and Carroll aren't the guys Pochettino wants or needs to next season, tbh. They get bullied too easily in this league

Social media

LOL, Spurs had too many draws (last night included!) to have a shot this year. But to dare is to do, I guess. Hmmm, cake

LOL, the England NT camp will be interesting

LOL, Kane did play at Leicester City when he was on loan. To be fair, he didn't pull up any trees there

I really dislike Leicester and what they stand for, but Ranieri is a good egg. It seems that after Greece got beaten by the Faroe Islands, he changed his tactics when he came to Leicester shortly after

I've never understood that phrase

Man, I get Dortmund's pain. It's one thing if the players left the club and the club got some good money out of them (like LFC with Raheem Sterling's sale to Man City), but for the players to leave the club almost on free, it's adding insult to injury

I agree. He has such good timing

Random Pictures

Torres on the move. Atletico play Bayern tonight. Come through, Atleti!

Don't let Bayern Munich come between you two!

Leicester City

The Leicester players had a watching party at Jamie Vardy's house, I hear

Some Leicester City fans were outside Vardy's house celebrating the win. Speaking of which, I was listening to the radio the other day, and they were talking about the "North/South divide" in terms of Premier League teams. As in, the reason why teams South of the border (especially those around London) tend to attract the better up and coming players is that everyone wants to live in London. With the exception of Manchester City and Manchester United (considered "The Dubai" of the PL, no one wants to live in Manchester; but the money is too ridiculous to pass up, and the city is okay), it's hard going finding players who want to play up there (for clubs like Newcastle, Sunderland for example), so word has it that some clubs up North are thinking of building training complexes in and around London so the players can live there and then travel to their parent clubs to play matches there. I think it might be good in the long term to try and focus on local talent, tbh. If nowt else, Leicester has shown that defence and long balls (traditional English football characteristics) will keep you up, if not have you win. Also local talent will want to play at a PL club- if they're good enough. Anyway, I digress! Supposedly the Leicester players do live in and around the town, and you see them whilst shopping, etc.

Vardy lives in Melton Mowbray? Who knew?! Decent schools if you go by the Ofsted reports

UGH, Cameron. What a day. I come back from holiday to see Leicester winning the title. My ass should have stayed lost

Some snooker champion held up a flag

Linekaer has said that he'll be presenting MOTD in his undies.

Leicester City fans at a pub

OP: done. For real, I'm done. FFS!
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  • Tuesday, Tuesday

    News Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid is looking set 😯— GOAL News…

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    News The Premier League title race is getting good 🍿 pic.twitter.com/OG8QudAI7l— GOAL (@goal)…

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