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You're not the only one, snowflake. As a non German speaker, I find it a bit closed off, myself

I agree. Resist the siren song of the PL, Simeone! It will drive you to ruin



Social Media

I dunno why Real Madrid is there.

Found this awesome gif. Klopp - he must sleep like the dead when he gets home

Why is Guardiola so sassy?

LOL, this tumblr account is GOLD

Oh! I missed this!

Champions League Semi- Finals

How UEFA resisted the Guardiola /Manchester City link is beyond me


Yesterday was the last of the Hillsborough services at Anfield. The family members by unanimous vote announced that it was time. Klopp and the staff that could attend turned up

This is Klopp's first time here, and last, tbh

The field turns into a temporary shrine of remembrance for the victims

Despite Everton and Liverpool's rivalry, when it comes to the anniversary of Hillsborough, they've always sent representatives from their team. Usually their captains show up

20,000 people showed up

People left flowers and signs in tribute

King Kenny Daglish was Liverpool's manager on that day. He's always been revered for how he handled the situation in the years (!) following

The last service. RIP. Gone but never, ever, EVER forgotten. I wonder what Gerrard thought. His cousin died in the crush, and he's only ever spoken about it once

Many Happy Returns!

Happy Birthday, Emma! Leave greetings on the bvb09 instagram page

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback - you KNOW the drill! I have to do a French oral today, and uh... I've forgotten everything
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