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Europa league!

News </b>

Liverpool 4- 3 Dortmund (5-4)

The day before LFC's football bus was scheduled to pull up at Anfield, the supporters sent word by text that the fans had to come out and meet the bus

They showed up. Flares, banners, noise and more noise

Not to be outdone, Dortmund rocked up too.

Miracle of Instabul part 2!!!

A chunk of the yellow wall showed up at Liverpool

Last night was the match between Liverpool and Dortmund. Dortmund rested their best seven players against Schalke for Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp asked for the Liverpool supporters to show up

I'm so gutted that I couldn't watch this match. Prior commitments, y'all! Couldn't wriggle out of it. My phone app was going crazy in my pocket

Klopp understands what European nights mean to Liverpool. Glory. Legends. Miracles. He asked Anfield to show up in all her finery, and the supporters did. Flags, scarves, banners, full voice. Amazing

With all the football, the 96 live on. Today (Friday, April 15, 2016) will be the last time the families of the 96 meet up at Anfield. With the inquiry now in courts, life has moved on and they look to grieve in peace going forward.

Two goals in the 10 mins. Listen! I watched the first twenty of the match and grrr'd. Painted my nails red with a Liverbird decal. Tacky AF, but I believe

Dortmund is a Champions League team slumming in a Europa league cup win. Trust me, LFC knew this, but we just wanted our players to fight. As long as you fight, you have a chance of winnning. LFC went into half time trailing 3-1. Liverpool supporters sang for their team all of half time. Klopp said afterwards that with his team talk, the atmosphere at the stadium felt different.

Liverpool came back, and huffed ...

And puffed...

The comeback was on. Origi! I can see why Klopp LOVES Origi. He has skills, tricks, yes, but loads of industry

But wait! Reus came back!

O Magico! Coutinho!


A strange pieta, Can went down injured

Klopp was... like, can you imagine? I can't even begin to imagine how he was feeling! Liverpool tied at this time. I didn't think that he thought LFC could do it. But the players were fighting for him, fighting for his pride, as well as the shirt

Klopp asked for atmosphere, for noise... and he got it!

Sliding into the Europa semis like...

Wow, Lovern looked like a £20 million defender then

Europa League must be pleased as punch, because that's been the more interesting competition this year, because of this guy, and these two clubs

Sevilla 6- 6 Athletic Club (Agg 8-7)

If there's a Europa cup, Sevilla is in the hunt, but Athletic (pictured in their smart stripes) gave a good account of themselves

Athletic had a good game. My phone app was buzzing in my pocket in class. Just...

Penalty kicks are a necessary evil. But they are still evil.

Lord, if we meet Sevilla, let it be in the final

Shakhtar Donetsk 4- 0 Braga (Agg 6-1)

Wayment, didn't they do a deep run in Europa last year. Nope to meeting them. But UEFA will want to avoid an all Spanish final, I think

Wow this game was a sturdy one

Sparta Prague 2- 4 Villareal (Agg 3-6)

Heeeeyyyyyy Soldado

I... don't mind the kit

Social Media


The warmth and respect between the clubs was lovely to see

Gerrard has been there before

Gerrard was watching the game on a phone while in LA

A big ask...but you've saved the English coefficient for next year. Supposedly, come next year, they take away the 2011/12, and we go from a 5 point lead to a .9 lead over Serie A, so we need to get serious next year to build on the coefficient more

UEFA draw is supposed to be at 10:30 BST. Please use this post for reaction

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, correction and commentary pushback - knock yourself out!
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