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international break


News in pictures
International Cup 2016

Glamour friendlies everywhere. Atletico Madrid even chose to join the 'fun'

Johan Cryuff passed on yesterday. RIP, legend

Selected images from International Matches
Wales 1- 1 Northern Ireland

No Bale, no Ramsey, no party

What do we think of this new Wales kit? I preferred the other one
Italy 1- 1 Spain

The Italian kit looks GOOD!
I don't know how the game went. Is DDG the undisputed no. 1?
Scotland 1 - 0 Czech Republic

I forgot how pink Scotland's kits are

Nice Czech kit. Puma really did some nice kits for their contracted countries this year

World Cup Qualifiers
Colombia 3- 2 Bolivia

James strikes again

OP: You know the drill! Hey, since 2016 is literally slaying all our faves, can we have a death/obit tag, or is that too morbid? If that's too much, what tags can I get for the 'glamour' internationals' that are a part of the game now? Or should we just stick to the 'preseason' tags instead? Or can 'preseason' be revised to 'preseason tours'? Please answer in comments.
Tags: internationals, league: champions league, nt: colombia, nt: italy, nt: republic of ireland, nt: scotland, nt: spain, nt: wales, pre-season

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