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champions league


Chelsea 1- 2 PSG (Agg 2-4)

Champions League, under Abramovich, it's become standard but the fans still show up- and how

PSG scored a goal in the first fifteen minutes, Chelsea clawed one back in the next five

Zlatan scored and Chelsea crashed out

Hazard swapped shirts at half-time. With DiMaria on the field. I know people on this comm got on my ass when I bitched about Balotelli doing it, but I'm going to BITCH about it again- you just DON'T DO THAT before the END of the game and on the field, to boot. Might as well lay down and take the L. JFC. I know he's linked to PSG but must Eden be so transparent? Let me add my chorus to the boos against Hazard. BOO!

Zenit St Petersburg 1-2 Benfica (Agg 1- 3)

Benfica are through!

Social Media

OMG, the typo!

Social media was lit

I say this every match, LOL. But Europa seems to be where the points are most weighted?

OP: Done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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