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Infantino is in Wales for a meeting but before he came to Wales. Before Wales he was in Zurich?

I don't know, really? But all right, now!

Barcelona doesn't want to renew its contract with Qatar airlines, but wants a contract that's the same monetary value and is finding it hard going... Really?

Tottenham Hotspur have a deal with Aquascutum for their formal travel togs. Aquascutum is an old English brand, a former offshoot of Jaeger (they made great yarn!). Think a low key Burberry in terms of aesthetic. They had Mason and Davies looking like a young couple at a civil ceremony, let me find the picture...

Here, their marriage photo. It does look like a marriage photo, no?


I agree with this comment. Stop trying to make 'der klassiker' happen, really

LOL no


I assume that's why players wear tights under their shorts though, to keep everything tucked in? I wear compression tights under my shorts to keep my flesh from bouncing- and I don't run for 90 mins at a time

LOL, for true

Poor Rafa


OP: done! Roll on North London Derby!
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