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Memes and social media

Yeah, i think so too, but I can why players would rather sit on the bench and get a winner's medal than leave a sure thing. Comfort can be treacherous though

I like the sweatpants, but a hoodie- I love hoodies, but a hoodie is a hoodie is a hoodie, you know? I see designer versions trying to make it luxe, but they still look like hoodies!

Enrique was asked what he says to MSN before matches. He just puts them on the field and say "Abracadabra!"

Wait... he isn't?

Tumblr artist did this. Their tumblr is here

Brendan Rodgers proposed to his girlfriend. They met whilst he was the manager and she worked at LFC (doing travel arrangements and some such). They allegedly left their partners to be with each other. Ain't love grand? Supposedly, Rodgers is waiting out the season because he's enjoying life without coaching at the moment.

Spurs, having being kicked out the FA Cup (by Crystal Palace, of all teams!) turn their sights to Fiorentia, and see if they can salvage a Europa run. I don't know why Dele Alli is getting a piggy back ride from Eric Dier, and Son doesn't either

Arsenal 0 - 2 Barcelona


Iniesta did his dazzle

Messi was a magician. I have to moan though, the stopping and starting of matches while the Barca players just writhed and play acted at the slightest touch... *sighs*

Neymar got a fresh relaxer so he could have a matching hairstyle with Messi and Suarez

Juventus 2- 2 Bayern Munich

I flicked back and forth between the two matches. When I saw that Bayern was 2 up, I went, 'Well, then'. Only...

For Bayern threw a two goal lead? How, Sway?

Well, at least it wasn't under Dyaba's shirt

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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