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Roma 0 -2 Real Madrid

Goddamn. It seems that Zizou has been tasked to bringing the Champions League trophy home. For real? Does Flo Pez wake up to himself at all?

Roma was solid and Real Madrid had to work and work and then - boom! Got through

Sporting Gijon 1- 3 Barcelona

Messi is the reason why Ronaldo cannot rest his knee, can't put his feet up- the lad only went and scored his 300th and 301st goal. Magisterial!

Suarez poked his toe in too

Gent 2 - 3 Wolfsburg

Draxler put his boot in. But seriously, this match - the little I saw of it- was a hot mess

Draxler was all over that like stink on a warthog


Klopp filming an advert in Liverpool. Stay just the way you are, Klopp. Don't gain any weight or lose any hair, because I am teh shallow

The styling is on point. Tailored coat, shawl collar jumper and pressed jeans to look as if you've put forth an effort- but chuck taylors to show that you aren't thinking about this fashion malarkey too much. *finger guns* looking good, Klopp!

Ibra is looking to leave PSG and Ligue 1 - everyone is all, "He's coming the PL!" as if China isn't going to throw cash at him.

A bit of background, for those who came late - the chairman of Adidas hates how Manchester United are playing under LvG, so this is seen as shade

OP: I have to dash. The sun is out, so I'm going for a wee run - the first time in yonks. Can someone please do the tags for me? Ta

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