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This is what a £1000 bag looks like. Give me my Jansport or North Face any day

File this under TIL: Hart and Schmeichel were friends while both were at City and their friendship exists to this day

TIL: Benik Afobe and Harry Kane both played for Arsenal U 9s. Afobe left Arsenal last year, went to Wolves (Championship, Division 2 side) and is now at Bournemouth. Kane, as we know, went Tottenham Hotspurs' academy soon after.

Afobe and Dele Alli both played for MK Dons, and are still warm friends

Memphis Depay loves Capri Sun. I... Capri Sun is nowt but flavoured vegetable oil and water, you all know this, right?

OP: Done! Chinese New Year is Monday so I'm off to tidy up my tip- err, I mean, my house! Bye!
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