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Arsenal's new signing in training! Mohammed Elneny?

Copa Del Rey
A. Madrid 3- 0 Rayo V

Greizmann came off the bench and slayed

I guess the match was thrilling - as a 3-0 match could be. With Atletico Madrid banned from transfers, I guess it means that they can keep Greizmann for a bit longer, then?

Grenanda 0- 3 Valencia

Neville's adventure in Spain certainly is having some highs and lows. I guess this would be considered a high. Tell me, is he still playing that wretched 4-4-2?

Is Neville still not going to sort his team's shortcomings out?

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, and the rest of it! You know the drill! Can someone please do the tags for me today? My tags aren't loading because LJ is tapdancing on my tits right now

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