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christmas week fixtures


Watford 1- 2 Tottenham Hotspur

Quique Flores and Mauricio Pochettino have some history (it's the way of all football coaches at this level, I guess). They met before when Flores was managing Atletico Madrid and Pochettino Espanyol. Flores' team beat Pochettino's team all day everyday, lol

This match up was loaded with significance- well, as much as Sky can do significance, I guess. If Spurs won, they'd be taken seriously for the top 4- but the season is long, remember? Southampton were in top 4 places this time last year, only to finish 7th at the end of the season. If Watford won, they'd be in European places

Another match, Dele Alli collects another yellow.

Lamela opened the scoring

Igaholo drew one back. Burst through three Spurs defenders and past the keeper, shot the ball in. Watford are a strong, tough - and TALL!- team. Word has it that Atletico want him?

In the 89th minute, Son nutmegged the keeper off Trippier's cross.

Manchester United 0- 0 Chelsea

I'm putting this here, because players are people too, I hear

I heard the match was boring? (I was on the road then). Like, twitter was lit with this match's mention. "Boring, boring Man United" and "El Boring-O". Mess!

Rooney isn't really making his case for the NT in Euro 2016. Do the right thing, Woy.

LOL forever

The definition of a piss take, tbh

Arsenal 2- 0 Bournemouth

Ozil supposedly impressed yesterday. Ahh, I was hoping Bournemouth would have won

Bellerin put in his best. What's this about him being linked with Barca? I thought he'd left?

Ozil doubled the misery on Bournemouth.

Everton 3- 4 Stoke

Everton supporters are mad at this outcome. The American goalkeepers seem to be messing up the bed, as they say

I still can't believe Shaquiri left Bayern and Inter to come to... Stoke. As I live and breathe

Lukkaku is killing it. Some Everton fans are mad at Martinez though

Crystal Palace 0- 0 Swansea

So, Swansea. Under their interim manager, they've gone from 'death by football' and 'playing with flair' to some good, old fashioned, serviceable British defending.

Sans ball, this looks like an interpretative dance. Pardue, Palace's manager has set his sights on European places. Wow, English managers wanting to go to Europe again. Fantastic!

Word has it that Gomis wants to leave Swansea. I guess. He hasn't torn up any trees whilst there

OP: sorry for the missed matches. Alas, I'm on the move again. Please do the tags for me. Bye!
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