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People were waiting on the shoe to drop, but still... shock

Some Arsenal fans were gloating, and some Chelsea fans hit 'em with this

Huh. Two things. One. I forget how many managers Chelsea have cycled through since 2004 when their new owner took over. Two. AVB is a really handsome guy.

Apart from the snark, a lot of supporters will have fond memories of Mourinho. In the world's eyes, he give the club stardust, heft and the gloss of silverware

It's strange how the reactions have been. When Mourinho left Madrid, the fans were split (some gleeful, some not). He's left Chelsea and it's been anger at the board of the club and sadness, mostly

Then you have this guy

Bayern hosted some kids of - refugees? Economic migrants? The terminology keeps changing over here, I can't keep up. It doesn't help that when you get the term wrong, you get put on blast. Anyway! Here's Xabi Alonso doing a riff of Cat Scratch fever with a broom

Guardiola appeared, only to announce that he'd be disappearing after the season. Again, I. Can't. Keep. Up.

For all of the changing fortunes of LFC, they still have social ties to their community (although it's argued that Everton's social issues are a bit more meaningful and beneficial). Showing their face at the children's hospital

QUESTION: I'm thinking about going to the Euros whether I get a ticket to a match or not (the FA is killing me - why so obtrusive?). Of all the cities that the matches are being held in, which city would be the best to get the experience. In terms of say, having big screens (for those who can't get to the matches), or just events relating to the match, or hell, if that fails, just an interesting place to knock around? Answers in the comments would be appreciated. I'm now eyeing French podcasts and comms.

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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