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Gary Neville had his first training session at Valencia yesterday. He takes helm at Valencia- his first match being a Champions League qualification match. Neville went big

The Valencian supporters came out to watch the team and Neville's appointment has attracted some delicious shade from the Spanish side, and some huffing and eye rolling from the English side.

The Spanish (understandably) are pointing at the fact that his punditry came as a revelation because before him, pundits didn't even bother getting the names of the players on the teams right (the nadir was the 2010 World Cup, *sigh*) and tactical discussions were nil and Neville doesn't speak the language and his brother uses - Google translate! From the English side, a lot of coaches are eye rolling at the supposed importance of Gary Neville making a success of the Spanish venture. Oh well, we will see the type of coach Neville will be tomorrow. What's his philosophy? We only know that he is meh on Guardiola's play style (he admires it, but doesn't like it) The only good thing is that now younger English coaches are looking abroad to work. Well, it can only help the local game eventually

Premier League
Everton 1- 1 Crystal Palace

Lukkaku is on fire. Scored his 50th goal in the PL

After Crystal Palace drew first blood

OP: done! Internet is bugging. Must be the time of year. Anyway, cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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