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Heroes in a halfsh- yeah

Leicester starting XI (and some subs) flew out to Copenhagen to celebrate being top of the table. Also, their Christmas campaign starts in earnest around December 19th, iirc. So get the parties in now

Newcastle 2- 0 Liverpool

Skertel got an own goal

Moreno had a BEAUTY of a goal assist, only for it to be deemed offside, because the PL referees have been smoking some bad ish. But we nicked a goal off Bournemouth in the start of the season. In the wise words of Mauricio Pochettino- 'sometimes football is for you, and sometimes it's against you'

That being said, I think Liverpool got complacent, and Newcastle showed the heck up. The Premier League is kray this year. Leicester is on top

Stuttgart 1- 1 Wermer Bremen

Two teams struggling to get out of the basement

Oh, it's just time for a wee BANNER BURNING! Chestnuts on the open fire...


The MLS season is finished and Portland Timbers hoist the trophy. So... who won the Supporter's shield?

I can't believe that Adidas makes all the MLS's outfits. What a coup.

OP: done! Can someone please do the tags for me? I'm in a hurry! Cheers, jeers, overlooked news, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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