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I will be glad when Ronaldo and Messi aren't a part of this conversation (or for the Balon d'Or being something other than a goalscorer). Congratulations to Neymar, people are clamouring for Suarez to be in this sort of company

Annoyed for CoCo that his goal wasn't counted. You don't do a Rabona like that everyday!

Next year, El Cholo. Next year

I bet they'll name the American

Jill Ellis will get it, and it will be baffling, just as how the US won the World Cup was baffling, but anyway


Steven Gerrard has come back to LFC to train (and do some punditry) during the MLS off season. It's also well known that he's come to shadow Klopp

Hahaha, nice

The Scouse Cafu is coming back after a long injury layoff. Klopp upon meeting him, told him to 'count the days'

Link to Reus and Auba's synchronised training

Football confessions

I'm not seeing it, tbh

Well, it's a matter of if the girl in question likes it, I loves it, you know?


Chelsea's video of attracting sponsorship, made by Saatchi and Saatchi (sp?). Really well done!

OP: done. Cheers if this post goes through, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback - you know the drill! I'm off/
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