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Jamie Vardy broke a record scoring a goal in eleven consecutive matches. I can't say that I take pleasure in Vardy's conquest, because well, yeah. Meh

Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur 0 - 0 Chelsea fc

Mourinho and Pochettino took their teams out on the sidelines. And for the first time in a long time, Mourinho seemed humble and kinda... free?

People criticised the match as a bore draw, but NGL, it reminded me of an old school English match. Defensive, and mean spirited to almost ugly. I thought it was me one, until I saw The Daily Mail headline and didn't feel so alone. Pedro hasn't really impressed so far, tbh. Probably there's a reason Barcelona were willing to let him go

Chelsea didn't necessarily come to play as much as to get defensive. Who was surprised that Mourinho would have mounted a good defence?

Chelsea had no striker, Hazard was converted into a false nine - but they've looked better without Costa than with, so

Chelsea might miss Courtois but Bejovic has been no slouch either. The amount of goals let in haven't been his fault because Chelsea's midfield and defence have been on holiday. Bejovic was good yesterday

Costa took his not being able to play with characteristic grace

Norwich City 1- 1 Arsenal

Are you trying to tell us something, Ozil?

Arsenal fans are mad, because the game didn't go all that well?

Sanchez came off injured. Oh dear, isn't there a must win match in the CL next week Tuesday?

Liverpool FC 1- 0 Swansea

Milner scores a penalty. Man, I'm so meh at Milner to the point where I don't even enjoy watching LFC if his name is on the first XI. Ugh. And him rubbing at his nose in post interviews. Hmmm hmmm. Anyway, that penalty was dumb luck and I can see how Swansea and Gary Monk would be aggrieved

Siggy needs a forward that he gets on with, tbh. He doesn't seem to trust Gomis or Eder (to be fair, both are no Bony)

Sturridge has been pretty much told to 'man up' by Jurgen Klopp and Steven Gerrard. As in, he has to work through the initial pain and not cry wolf. Granted his history of injuries haven't helped, and he probably doesn't trust his body, but for the wage he's on per week, you get the feeling that he best perform sharpish, or get shipped out in the summer transfer window

La Liga
Eibar 0 - 2 Real Madrid

Ronaldo and Bale scored?

Kroos in midfield

FC Dallas 2-2 Portland Timbers (3-5 agg)

What's the difference between a play off and a final?

Why do you get a trophy for reaching a as yet to be played final?

New York Red Bulls 1-0 Columbus (1-2 agg)

The other finalist from the play offs for the final

OP: done! Let's see if LJ accepts the cookie login and doesn't delete my post like it's been doing yesterday. Cheers, jeers corrections and um... commentary pushback, you know the drill

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